A Letter To A Little Boy

This letter was written by Lane Alexander, a close friend of Noelle Moore, to her son, Everett. She wrote this shortly after Finley died and wanted her son to read this letter in the future to learn about Finley. She also wanted to show what her and her husband, Mike, realized about life through Finley’s life.

Dear Everett,

I want to tell you a story about an angel named Finley. She was a beautiful baby girl who was born just a few months after you were. She was bigger than you when she was born (just about every baby we know was) and her mommy and daddy were in love with her from the start.

She had a light dusting of brown hair and the cutest little sausage toes anyone had ever seen. Her eyes were a clear crystal blue, just like her mommy’s, but instead of being wide open and full of wonder, Finley’s eyes were closed.

Team Finley

She was very sick when she was born and we were all so worried about her. She didn’t sleep in a regular crib like you did, she had to sleep in a special bed with lots of wires, beeping noises and blinking lights.  Her mommy and daddy just wanted to grab her up, kiss her face and rock her to sleep but they couldn’t, and it broke their hearts.

I got to meet her when she was one day old and I just melted when I saw her. She looked so peaceful and perfect. She reminded me so much of you and how you looked when you were teeny tiny.

You and dad were there that day, too. You wore a onesie made just for Finley and cheered her on as you explored the hospital downstairs with dad while I was falling in love with that precious baby girl upstairs. I knew she was special from the start, but I just didn’t realize how special she would become.

Baby Finley stayed in the hospital for a few weeks longer after that visit and although she was fighting her hardest, she didn’t get any better. Her mommy and daddy did everything in their power to help her, but nothing seemed to work. She had an amazing doctor and precious nurses who loved her just as much as we did, but they couldn’t help her either.

Noelle and Lane

One day, after weeks of sadness, Finley took one last breath and said goodbye to all of us. She went to sleep in her daddy’s arms, holding her mommy’s hand and was finally at peace. There would be no more poking or prodding, only dancing among the clouds like the beautiful ballerina that she was.

I want you to know that Finley not only changed the whole world, she changed our world. She taught people how to love again. She taught me how to savor every minuscule moment and not to sweat the small stuff, because in the end it really is all small stuff, and she showed your daddy how lucky he is to have a baby boy as amazing as you.

In honor of Finley, we promise to never take any moment with you for granted and will love you with every part of our being each and every day.  Just like Finley’s mommy and daddy loved her.

You are our heart.