A Poem by Chelsea Johnson

I asked God…

What do you do when you lose your baby, a twin, when everything about her reminds you of him?

How is so much pain in this life ever a part of your plan, when you could have stopped it before it ever began?

Do you really believe that I can handle all you have allowed me to walk through, while still fully and faithfully believing and trusting in you?

What happens to me when everyone else has moved on, and I’m left with the brokenness and grief of losing my son?

And He Answered…

My child, I know your heart breaks and the pain seems too much to bear
I heard your desperate pleas to save your child, in that very moment, I was right there
And although it doesn’t seem fair, to lose a life so precious and pure
I must tell you some things, of which you can be sure
Despite what you are enduring, my promises are still true
I know the end from the beginning, so you can fear not, for I am God and I am with you
Don’t try to understand, because my ways are higher than yours, and my plan is without flaw I am God, and you must not forget that it was my son whom I freely gave to redeem you from the law

See you were bought with a price, and it came at a high cost
I know the pain of losing a son, but it was worth the price to save the lost
His life was perfect, but His job was done
And this is the same for this story, this is the same for your son
I work all things together for good, because you love me, and you know that death is not the end

And you can have the peace of knowing that you will see your son again
You are blessed in your mourning, and you will be comforted, so that you may comfort others You have walked an uncommon road and journey, that I have not called for most mothers

As you continue in this life, walk by faith and not by sight
And when I call you home, it is only then that you will fully realize, that everything is indeed alright.