About Us

When it feels like you are on the journey alone and you don’t know where to begin.….When all the machines are off, when all the nurses are gone, when all the medical charts are finalized, when you are taking steps out of the hospital without your baby or coming home to an empty house, and you don’t even know where to begin…

We are here.

We are here to walk through the funeral arrangements with you –

We are here to make sure you and your family are fed –

We are here to provide services to take care of your home since it’s the last thing you want to do –

We are here to make sure you have a moment for yourself –

We are here to help you get the counseling you need to help sort through all the feelings you are feeling.

With The Finley Project, we take care of you in the minutes, hours and days following your sweet child’s death. You are not alone.

The Mission

Our mission is to take care of grieving moms in the minutes, hours and days after infant loss through a 7-Part Holistic Program.

We fulfill this mission through a Holistic Program immediately following the loss of a child by supporting the mom with funeral planning, meal and gift cards, professional house cleaning, professional massage therapy, support group placement, licensed mental health counseling and support from a volunteer support coordinator.

The Finley Project exists in order for moms to know there is someone supporting them in the gap between the hospital and the home. The Finley Project will walk with a mom through the horrific trauma of losing a child not just right after, but in the days, months and years ahead.


Public Disclosure

Third Party Support