Forever Finley

This poem was written by one of Finley’s mommys friends, Milissa Pitel, shortly after Finley went to be with the Lord.

She says…

She says
I love you
I love you for everything you did unconditionally for me
You carried me inside you providing the perfect environment for me to grow
You sacrificed your body to deliver me, and the scar will always be a reminder of where I have been
You devoted all your time and faith to my well-being
Thank you Mom.

She says
Don’t blame yourself
You only did what you knew was best for us
You are not at fault

She says
I am everything you ever hoped I would be
I have your beautiful eyes
I have your natural athletic ability
I have your contagious laugh
I am a perfect blend of you and daddy
I am beautiful

She says
I miss your touch, but for now I will touch you
I miss your voice, but for now I will guide you
I miss you, but we will meet again

She says
Please take care of daddy and
Please take care of yourself and
Please take care of my unborn siblings for
You have a lot to offer and a lot to live

She says
I am forever your daughter
You are forever my mom
We are forever a family

She says
I am forever a fighter
I am forever a world changer
I am forever Finley