What Others Say

Voices of The Finley Project

We are passionate about the work we do at The Finley Project. Every volunteer of our Non Profit can passionately tell you about what we do – our work is so important, so needed and so vastly underfunded in today’s medical world. We have compiled some of the voices of the Finley Project, our President, Noelle Moore, our volunteers, and most importantly, the mothers we have helped.

From Finley Project President Noelle Moore:

When I saw Finley take her last breath, I felt like it would be mine also. I did not want to go on. I felt like I couldn’t. Life had no meaning and things made no sense. I realized that I needed help and starting searching. I realized there was a large gap between the hospital and the home and I had to do something.

From Our Volunteers:

I don’t want my bereaved parents to leave my hospital feeling the way I did when I went home…. Devastated, confused, and completely empty without my baby girl. When we came home I was too depressed to get out of bed, much less clean the house or cook for my family.


I honestly don’t remember what my children ate or if I ate for days at a time. Going to a local support group helped but I had to seek out a support group on my own. Having someone to guide and support me would have made such a difference.

From Our Moms:

I just want to say thank you so very much for all these wonderful things you have done for me. It helps to remind me there still are Angels in this world that care and love. I never imagined all this happening in my life but the support and love from your group has helped me on bad days. I never thought people would care so much.

It’s been three days since I decided I didn’t want to be the person I was being. For three days, I have chosen to be thankful each of those days for what I do have.

When life hits you hard, or I should say grief, there are things that don’t come easy anymore. Mine are definitely grocery shopping & cleaning. I had to take my daughter to the doctor this morning, so Noelle came to my house & hung out while cleaners came and picked up some of my pieces! My son said, ‘Mommy! This is like Santa!’ Yes buddy! A Santa for mommy! But a BLESSING of a friend is more like it! My heart is full.

My daughter would have been 7 months today. I got home from school and got the gift cards, and went straight to the cemetery, then grocery shopping. Thank you SOOO much!!! It feels great to have a stocked refrigerator! My husband hasn’t been making many sells at work because of all of our anger and frustration with life in general, and as a result, hasn’t been making any commission. I truly appreciate all your help!

One sweet mom we are working with has been really engaged through The Finley Project program. She has gone to 12 counseling sessions with a LMHC, received meal and grocery gift cards for 3 weeks, participated in 2 different support groups and taken part in massage therapy. This mother is thriving and honoring her child by working our program. Upon receiving her massage today she said, “I feel like a new woman! Care for and comforted. Relaxed and renewed. Thank you so much, Finley!

One of the core services The Finley Project offers is Massage Therapy. After a mother went for Massage Therapy, she stated: “Seriously my heart is so full right now. I’ve been so tense. So anxious. So many racing thoughts. And tonight, I felt peace. Quiet…”

One of the worst things a parent ever has to do is plan the funeral of a child. We were working with a bereaved mom and suggested a Celebration of Life and releasing lanterns. Her response- “I love this idea! Thank you for helping me. We have been stuck on what to do for him and this is so perfect.”

From our Community:

I’m a registered nurse in the obstetrics department ….I am part of their perinatal bereavement program as well. I’m also a bereaved mother who lost my daughter I was looking for resources for bereaved parents online and came across your website. Your program sounds AMAZING! I wish I knew about it sooner. I definitely could have benefited from everything you offer to bereaved parents.

A comment posted by a mom in response to hearing about The Finley Project, ” My son only lived for 49 days. He would be turning 3 this month. He died of SIDS. Thanks for speaking up about infant loss. There is not enough public awareness.”