7-Part Holistic Healing

For Grieving Moms After Infant Loss



Our Mission

The Finley Project is committed to providing care for mothers who have experienced the unimaginable - the loss of an infant. Our devoted team provides a lifeline for mothers in the minutes, hours and days after infant loss through a 7-Part Holistic Program that supports each mother physically, emotionally and spiritually at no financial cost to them.


“We have a choice to find the hope in any hard situation as well as be a conduit of that hope. That is what The Finley Project does."

Noelle Moore |  Founder + Executive Director


Our Goals

Each year, The Finley Project is dedicated to the healing of grieving mothers after infant loss from a Holistic perspective. The Program begins immediately following an infant’s death and continues for five years. It is designed to be completed in its entirety to ensure optimal help and eventual healing for a mother.


Each year, The Finley Project strives to expand its reach to mothers in need and to meet its goal of supporting mothers who have lost an infant nationwide. This year, The Finley Project is devoted to supporting 40 Grieving Moms through our nation's only 7-Part Holistic Healing Program.


The Finley Project is committed to educating our community on the emotional and physical effects of a mother's grief after experiencing infant loss in an effort to spread awareness and gain support for the minutes, hours, days and up to 5 years post loss.


The Finley Project continues to provide education to civic groups and hospitals while strongly advocating the need for OB Hospitalist Programs to ensure top patient safety and quality outcomes for delivering patients.


With an increasing number of program enrollments year after year, The Finley Project is dedicated to expanding its national Support Coordinator Program in order to help meet each mother's needs. This year, The Finley Project is prepared to welcome 20 Volunteer Support Coordinators to walk alongside each of the 40 Grieving Moms.


Taking care of grieving moms in the minutes, hours & days after infant loss through a 7-Part Holistic Program



Finley's Story

Finley Elizabeth Oblander was born on July 25, 2013 and was an amazing baby girl with a turned up nose and beautiful hair filled head. She was often described as having “sausage toes.”

While still in the hospital, Noelle Moore, Finley's mother learned Finley had suffered severe medical complications because of medical malpractice during birth. Over the next few weeks, she nervously awaited signs of improvement. Then, on the 16th day, doctors delivered the devastating news; Finley was brain dead and there was nothing more they could do.

For two weeks, Moore stayed by her daughter’s side as a life support system breathed oxygen into her lungs and provided her body with nutrients. She would spend another week by Finley’s side, praying for a miracle, before making a decision she never planned on.

As the doctors removed the tube from her daughter’s nose and the IV drip from her foot, Finley’s brief life came to an end. She was called home on August 16, 2013, while Moore was sent home wondering where to go from there.

After experiencing an immense gap between the hospital and the home, Noelle came to realize a grieving mother’s need for holistic healing after losing a child, and The Finley Project was born to help close that gap.


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