“In Memory of Baby Nolan Bryant”


I received a letter last week. Here’s what some if it said:

I received $100.00 from a family who lost their son, which I provided photos for shortly after his birth. I could never in a million years accept the money, so I am donating the money in their name in honor of their son, Nolan.

I pray often that you get to have more children and I know you will!!

Much love,

These acts of kinds and selflessness remind me that God can use anyone, even me. I have not always walked with God and went through seasons of rebellion, but He chose to use me through tragedy. I am learning that because of the experiences I had to walk through, I can reach a group of hurting people I may have never been able to.

There’s a duality in this. I can sadly relate, but joyfully help. Hard to explain, but I know it’s my calling. Everything I have ever done in my entire life has lead me to serving in this way. I have never been more passionate, driven or convinced by anything in my entire life.

I have ridden on the coat tails of great leaders and passion-filled movements, but never have I lived a life with such purpose. I am thankful, that out of Finley’s ashes, I am rising to serve others.

It has not been easy..everyday is different, but it’s days like the other day, when I received this donation letter, that makes me know this is what I was born to do. Kind of ironic, isn’t? But I am so grateful!

Shannon CalderonComment