My fan, My friend, My Laner

How do you write about your daughter’s Celebration of Life? How do you share what it meant to you to see so many people, from all walks of life, in one room, one field? How do you capture on a piece of paper, with black words filling it, what one night could do for a grieving mother?

The Finley Project Noelle Moore and Finley.jpg


I believe that Lane Alexander did so in the most raw and sincere way in her blog piece. Please take a moment to read it:
“Finley’s Celebration of Life from Lane’s view”

I cannot say everyone or anyone would be able to express the uniqueness of Finley’s Celebration of Life like Lane could. She walked the road with me. She never stopped. I met Lane in high school and ended up playing volleyball at Rollins with her. I can honestly say, I have never laughed more than when I was around Lane. She brought out the best in me.

After Finley died, Lane knew the nights I cried myself to sleep and could not get out of bed. She cooked me meals and invited me over to her house when all I wanted to do was crawl in a hole and die. She has heard my anger, frustration and pain over my husband leaving me. She has been a true friend. Lane is the most abundantly giving, gracious and sincere person one could ever meet. She brings excellence and realness to everything she does.

Certain times I am so amazed of what Lane shares about me because I don’t see myself the way she does. Her comments of me being “fearless” are sometimes shocking. I feel anything but “fearless.” I am writing this to honor a friend who has never given up on me and has never forgotten Finley. She has sent me a text each month of the 25th, saying “Happy Birthday Finley”. Every grieving mom needs a friend like Lane. I hope to be a friend like Lane to a hurting mom who doesn’t have a friend like her. I love you, Laner!