“The Pilot…what???”

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Some people have heard me reference what we are doing our first year as “The Pilot Project.”  We wanted a way to ensure we are helping a mother most effectively and we developed a small scale approach to our first year of service. We felt this would allow us to glean insight into what works, what doesn’t work, and how to improve by serving a small , pre-determined amount of mothers.

So what is our “Pilot Project??”


Help a maximum of 10 mothers through the full program (all 7 Parts of the Program)

The goal of the Pilot Project for The Finley Project is the following:

Work with local Hospitals (75%)

Work with local churches, “word of mouth,” online, out of state (25%)


July 25, 2014 through July 25, 2015


The Finley Project covers the costs of ALL services including: funeral arrangement help, meal gift cards, professional house cleaning, massage therapy, one-on-one counseling, mommy loss support group, & follow up communications.

Gain 100 commitments at $50 a month for 12 months to cover the costs for the 10 moms and to set up the organization for the full and open program


Objective 1: Determine how effective the approval process is and how better to communicate requirements to local hospitals, online and word of mouth

Objective 2: Determine which services are used by the mother

Objective 3: Determine the work flow/process for communication from Florida Hospital

Objective 4: Determine how best to follow up with mothers

Objective 5: Determine level of satisfaction from moms (by utilizing survey) with service providers AND with The Finley Project Organization

Objective 6: Areas to improve in and what services to add or remove


Survey to mother’s participating in Pilot Project, 6 months from initial contact

Operational Team Debrief/Feedback June 2015

Board of Directors Debrief/Feedback June 2015

Pilot Project finding’s document created early July, 2015

Program Adjustments made prior to July 25, 2015

Full Program Launch July 25, 2015

Present findings at the “2nd Annual Celebration of Life Gala & Auction Dinner June 2015

We are looking forward to this upcoming year and utilizing this Pilot Project approach to serving mothers in the most effective and helpful way possible.

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