You Are Not Immune

In one of my recent classes at the Rollins Philanthropy Center (I am working on my Nonprofit Management certificate) a very wise teacher asked the question, “so-what?” to all of us running nonprofit organizations.

She was saying this in regards to our mission statements. She wanted us to think. It sounds cruel, but the truth is, she wanted us to showcase the need to the average person of why our organization exists.

I began thinking about the “so-what” of the mission for “The Finley Project – A Helping Hand for Grieving Moms.” What does this mean to a businessman in Downtown Orlando wearing a suit and tie who has grown children?

What does this mean to a single, college person who has zero to little thought about having a child? What I began to put together through my probing and answering of the “so-what,” is that the man in the suit and the single, young person are not “immune.”

The death of an infant is far reaching. It can stretch to your grandchildren, to a neighbor next door, an employee that reports to you, a cousin, a nephew, a friend at church, a new acquaintance at the gym, a fellow student in your class, a nurse who cares for infants. The death of an infant can affect someone, whether it is now or in the near future.

I’ve heard multiple stories from grown adults, both men and women, about their mothers who lost babies many years ago and they share that they know their mothers ache for that child, yet the death is often described as the “elephant in the room.”

The mother never got help so therefore the death gets brushed under the rug. Getting help was blasé back then. What if an organization like The Finley Project existed back then?

How would these mother’s lives be changed forever? How would a person today feel, if they knew they had a resource to point someone in their lives, who recently lost an infant to?

Hopefully knowing that The Finley Project is here to fill that role and serve that need, allows each of you reading this some comfort. Like the mothers, you are not alone in this. You are not immune, but you do have a resource to point grieving mothers to, The Finley Project.

The Finley Project Little Boy Praying.jpg
Shannon CalderonComment