Where You lead, will I go?

I have heard that sometimes the things we know God is calling us to is often so scary that we have a hard time envisioning ever doing it. These are things that can only be accomplished with Gods help. We are supposed to act and God will provide!

That is how I felt about The Finley Project. Some doubted my full devotion to the project or the way I started it, but I knew God had called me to help mothers. I was terrified to start figuring out how, but can remember, early on, the clear visions God gave me…

….Sitting in a hospital waiting room talking to a mom

….The Finley Project being featured in a national magazine

…Hospitals all over the country calling us to help a mother in their city

…Auctions, dinners and events being held in Finley’s name

…Testimonies being shared of how God saved a mother’s life.

The night we announced The Finley Project, I received an email from a mom needing help. I almost cried. I knew there was a need, but didn’t realize how desperate mothers were for help. Two days later, I received an email and a mother who lived in another state, shared the following with me:

“Hospice services provide bereavement and counseling for a year. We get nothing…..my doctor had called to check on me. But no other official services have been put in place. Brochures were given at discharge but there are no official follow up for bereavement. As a hospice nurse, I am kinda appalled”

I was blown away! What I believed in my heart of there being a huge need was being affirmed by mothers all over the country! I was so encouraged to know the 7 Part Holistic Program we developed could provide a mother like her, help. It could save her life!

This notion of helping and saving a life has been incredibly humbling, scary and encouraging all at the same time. Pieces have started coming together, individuals are asking to volunteer, organizations are looking to donate, people are starting to reach out for help. God is literally moving in front of us. It is my prayer that the pulse of The Finley Project always moves mothers towards peace, healing and joy.

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Shannon CalderonComment