Tales of a Floating Grieving Mom – Part 2


This week I am sharing a Tale of a Floating Grieving Mom from a figurative standpoint…

Sometimes when you are one of those creative type people, ideas shoot into your brain at anytime, anywhere. You want to grab a pen or keyboard to get the idea down, before another comes into your head. You find yourself jumping out of showers to get the thought captive, or grabbing a restaurant napkin to jot a picture down.

I have always been this way. My mind drifts and seems to float different places.

My mind drifted and floated many months ago. I had this idea to have a beautiful celebration event for my daughter after she passed away. I pictured pink frosted cupcakes, kids running around, a nice breeze in the air, overcast skies, people talking and music being played outside. I thought it was ridiculous, but I could see it in my head. Not 6 months later, I had an event for Finley that looked like this and even more beautiful.

My mind continued to float and dream even more recently, I pictured having a Christmas event that steeped in tradition. I loved my family traditions growing up. I can remember decorating our family Christmas tree with my dad. He was always so excited to let me place all our sentimental ornaments meticulously in the right places. I would get very mad because my Jewish neighbor would come over and try to dominate decorating the tree. She didn’t have a tree, only a Hanukah bush, but I didn’t care! I wanted her off my tree!

Even as I got older, my dad waited until I came home to decorate our tree. I would help him by standing at the bottom of our attic ladder and things would be handed down to me. It was always funny to see what came handed in those bags. One year, my dad grabbed a wrong bag and when I opened it, it was filled with hundreds and hundreds of collectible beer cans from my older brothers 70’s collecting days.

Two Christmas’ ago, I got to decorate our family tree one last time. My dad had been anxiously waiting for my husband at the time and myself to come home. My ex-husband didn’t understand the significance of all it, but I was so excited to be decorating with my dad. At one point my dad sat down to watch me. I knew it made him happy to see me home and finally putting the final touches on our tree. My dad died 3 months later.

I wanted to allow others the privilege of creating something so meaningful as this in their own lives. I wanted to bring the Old traditions of Christmas back. I pictured Jolly Saint Nick sitting in a large chair, kids all around, music playing, food galore and families happy. I wanted pine needle smell in the air and kids knowing what a feeling the love of the Christmas time of year. I pictured a Christmas event as I knew it growing up, one that never left my mind and always brought me happy thoughts years later.

So this vision is now becoming a reality. East End Market was able to catch my vision and agreed to Co-Host a “Santa Claus Comes to East End Market” event, Saturday November 29th. Will you come out to see what the vision of a Floating Grieving Mom looks like??

Read all about it here….
Straight from the North Pole, the one and only Santa Claus is coming to spend the day at East End. Join us for either the Santa Welcome Breakfast or a Visit With Santa. From 8:30 to 10am, enjoy a special holiday breakfast with; a hot chocolate bar, story time with Santa, a live dance performance, gift-making, professional photo print with Old St. Nick (and check your email for 3 additional photos sent directly to you!)

Or, register for a Visit With Santa (click here to register) from 10am to 2pm that includes one photo print, emailed photos and a surprise gift! Santa will need his rest, so don’t miss this one-day-only event! It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

All proceeds will benefit The Finley Project, a non-profit program supporting grieving moms after infant loss. East End is proud to co-host Santa’s Visit with The Finley Project to bring holiday cheer to children and adults alike.

Santa Welcome Breakfast
$35 per child ($40 after Nov. 15th)
$25 per additional child ($30 after Nov. 15th)

Visit With Santa (click here to register)
$25 per child ($30 after Nov. 15th)
$15 per additional child ($20 after Nov. 15th)

*Seating is limited for the Breakfast and guardians must accompany children at all times. No pets please.*Visits with Santa will be scheduled from 10am to 2pm, so keep your registration number handy and be on the look out for an email with your scheduled time.

Audubon Park Exchange (APEX)
3201 Corrine Dr.Orlando, FL 32803

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