She Died So Others Might Live

Most of us have heard “Jesus died so others might live.” The ultimate sacrifice…A Father watched, as his son died the most horrific and gruesome death. Could you imagine? Step inside that thought for a moment…Watching your child be killed right in from of your eyes? You probably cannot or don’t want to. How can you? It’s horrible…it’s the unimaginable.

This picture has been painted into my heart many times over the last year or so after Finley’s death. I feel the words…”He died so other’s might live.” My heart wells up. Many emotions rise as I feel guilty thinking Finley’s story is like this. She is not Jesus, but somehow God tells me it’s okay and right to think her life allows others to live.


“She died, so others might live” – I think to myself.

This was all the more evident last week, when I was asked to attend an awards ceremony at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children. Jill Francoforte, an amazing friend who I met a few years ago, invited me. The awards ceremony was held only a few times a year to honor certain doctors and nurses who helped in specific ways and life events. This particular ceremony was held to honor the people in Jill’s life who helped save her and her son’s Mason’s life during delivery.

Finley and I were included in that list.

“She died so that others may live…”

Jill made certain choices as a result of Finley’s death, ultimately saving her and Mason’s life….

“She died so that others may live….”

I walked into the awards room at Winnie Palmer, where a hundred plus people were gathered. All of my senses were flooded with emotion. Flowers lined the rows of 6 foot tables and delicious desserts and coffee filled the back tables. White coats and blue scrubs became a big blur to my eyes. My eyes welled up. I wanted to cry. We were there to celebrate so many openly, yet I grieved inwardly.

I was overwhelmed with deep sadness yet overcome with joy because Finley’s life allowed Jill and her baby Mason to live. I was overwhelmed with sadness because gathered in the room were a hundred people living their lives and watching this miracle unfold, yet my miracle did not live the way I wanted her to live. However…even though she didn’t live on in this life the way I wanted to, Finley is living on in so many others. Everyday, God is showing me that because of Finley, many other moms will continue to live.

Just last week, I talked to a mom that said, “I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you all.”

I couldn’t help but think my one and only daughter was a beautiful sacrifice so that mothers and babies could live all over the world….

Shannon CalderonComment