The Finley Project Debut


I am ecstatic to finally announce what we have been working on for many hours and many days over the last 6 months. I cannot believe I get to share with you what we have started! We have started an organization called, “The Finley Project.”

Yes, many have wondered what I have been up to and this is it. I have waited and planned for this day. I have held back details publicly to make this an incredible and humbling announcement. God has opened doors and given me a vision to help mothers who are hurting after infant loss.

People have asked, “How are you able to do this?” My answer is simple, “It’s what keeps me getting up each morning. I saw a need in Central Florida and I had to do something. There was no an organization to help me walk through all the things I had to after Finley Elizabeth died.

Many of my friends and family did the things I was not able to do myself, but I realized that so many mother’s do not have the incredible support system I have AND even if they do, there are things that only another grieving mother would understand.”

So what is The Finley Project all about? I thought about what others did for me. I hadn’t even realized at the time of Finley’s death, how giving people were. All the meals delivered…all the gifts…all the help at my house. I was in a traumatic state.

I remember the day I was talking to a co-worker at an amazing ministry I started working at a little while after Finley died. We talked very briefly a handful of times before this day, but I always wondered if she knew what happened to Finley. While I was talking to her this one day, she kindly mentioned that she had been to my house and had brought me food after Finley died!!! I couldn’t believe it!! All those months, I had no idea that she helped me!

I was overwhelmed. From this point on, I was prompted to act on what I knew I had been called to do. I tried to stuff it down, push it aside, and deny it, but I could not shake what God had placed inside of me. I had to do something. Babies were dying and Mother’s needed help. I felt sick everyday I wasn’t doing what I knew I was called to do. I had to fill a gap so badly needed. I had to take a risk.

I wanted to be the face a mother could look into and cry with. I wanted to be the hand that holds her hand and says, “we are going to get through this.” I wanted to be her advocate, her support. I wanted to be a conduit of Finley’s fighting spirit and God’s deep and abundant love.

So here I am…an ambassador of Jesus Christ and Fighting for Finley. I am the Founder & President of The Finley Project, an organization I pray brings the kingdom of God onto this earth and change to a mother’s future through love and healing.

You are a part of this thing from the ground up, a vital participant as much as I am. Many more details and examples of God’s love will be shown in these writings. Are you ready? This is only the beginning of a ministry that God has already flowed through immensely. Will you commit to praying BOLDY? Will you commit to be an active helper in The Finley Project?