Comfort Those With The Comfort You Have Received

Tears in my eyes as I write this, but a few years ago we starting helping a family. A very special family.

They were such a caring and influential family in our Community, filled with a passion for change and helping, yet tragedy struck them in so many ways. Unbeknownst to me, this family had no food or money to buy groceries because the husband had lost his job. How could such a thing happen after the death of their child? Life was so hard. 

 As a service of the program, we sent grocery gift cards to them. They were in shock. The small act of sending gift cards saved them in so many ways, not just physically, but emotionally. They felt encouraged and not forgotten. Their spirits were lifted. They were so thankful and were able to provide food for their family, all the while knowing their grief did not go unnoticed. 

What I find beautiful is that this family just financially donated back to The Finley Project. When they had so little, we were able to bless them. As they have remained faithful, never giving up and pursuing healing and understanding, they have in turn, blessed us! What a gift! What a true representation of what HEALING looks like. 

This is the circle. This is the circle of life The Finley Project represents. Loss of life, Giving of Life, Restoring Hope, Giving Back. The Holistic Healing Approach we provide that addresses the PHYISCAL, SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL needs of a mother is where true healing happens, where we see hurting mothers want to comfort those with the comfort they have received.

We are honored to see others bless The Finley Project this Giving Season as they have been blessed.

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Noelle MooreComment