A month or so ago, Playground Magazine reached out and asked if they could include The Finley Project in their December edition. I did not know the theme of the piece, but I said "Yes," knowing getting the word out is imperative. However, I had this nagging feeling and asked myself, "Do we fit into a magazine about children, activities, events, etc.? Do happy families really want to hear about one’s greatest nightmare, the loss of a child?"

But then I saw the others...

The other Community Leaders who choose to honor loved ones and those suffering by making meaning out of tragedy. As I looked at the article, I was in awe at how much each of these individuals have done with their respective missions. 

I was overwhelmed. I wasn't the only one sharing a situation that would be hard for readers to read.

I had to switch my thinking. 

The intent of the story was not to highlight the "hard," but to highlight the "HOPE."

The intent of the story was not to highlight the mundane, but those who have taken tragedy and life’s’ pain and made meaning out of it. 

I was so honored to be a part of such an influential group of people, but I did not feel worthy. 

I had to preach to myself. You may have to preach to yourself also.

Whether a million-dollar budget or a budget of a few hundred dollars, whether running an organization or a household or both, it all matters. Each kind act, each effort, each act of the heart, helps.  

I am proud of the strength Finley gave me to pursue what seemed impossible. I am overwhelmed at God's patience in my anger, frustration and toiling. 

While there is no cure, no easy solution, The Finley Project is giving mothers more of an opportunity to survive the unimaginable then doing it alone.

I know we are saving lives.

I know we are providing help for broken hearts.

I know my heart has been healed greatly by helping others.

Thank you Playground Magazine for encouraging not just readers through this story, but thank you for encouraging me and reminding me each person plays a huge part in helping the hurting.


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