"From the Bottom of my Heart"

These words danced through the message of an email we received as my discouraged heart felt lifted again. The hope I felt from her words, reminded me it's worth it. The work of walking with others is not easy and it's certainly not easy when it's the worst point of someone's life, however, in this mothers' grief journey, she found love, gratitude and hope in the depths, expressing them "from the bottom of her heart."

Like pulling a blanket out from underneath a mountain of clothes, this mother pulled gratitude from a space piled high with pain.

She shared - “I really want to express how grateful I am that you ladies do this.  It is so helpful to our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My whole world is shattered, but to know that someone else cares about us makes me not feel so...alone.” 

I know for me, just an ounce of someone truly understanding when Finley died, DID save me many days. I knew how I was going to die, yet days where a fellow loss mom reached out, helped me keep going. Giving hope and caring for mothers from an emotional, physical and spiritual place is what The Finley Project aims to do, caring and giving hope to keep stretching through painful pieces to then hold onto hope, a future and peace. 

 I know there were so many people who helped me and came alongside me, but I didn't know how to thank them. I felt like my words alone were never enough. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, thanking those who stuck by me, but time passed, yet my thankfulness never stopped for. So...in honor of this mothers' gratitude, I would like to express a HUGE thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who never gave up on me and who always stuck by me. 

This mommy feels like she lost her son, but feels we saved her. 

This mommy lost his future, but gained hers. 

This mommy lost caring for him on earth, but she is cared for by us. 

This mommy feels broken, but wants her gratitude towards The Finley Project to be heard..."From the bottom of her heart."

Noelle MooreComment