Her birth. His death

Guest Blog: Chelsea Johnson. Mother in The Finley Project Program

There is nothing like spending time in a cemetery that puts things into perspective.


What a word? This day brings on so many thoughts and emotions. Today is the day our son Christopher Jordan Johnson passed away 3 years ago, which that in itself seems surreal when it comes to time. And today is also my mom’s birthday who is also deceased. It would seem in a place like a cemetery surrounded by so many stone markers representing lives that have been expired, that this is the last place to come for encouragement. Lord knows I need a lot of it.

But I am reminded of the legacy that both my son and my mother left. By the world’s standards, both of their lives were cut short. But God knew the appointed time that He would call them home and they lived out their lives with stories to be remembered. As one of my dear mentors expresses - we each have a life to be lived and a story to be told.

As a parent, it’s hard to lose a child. But at the same time, I also feel like I didn’t “lose" my son because I know where he is. I just get to parent him differently now through his story of a beautiful life well lived. And today, 3 years later I find myself with the honor and privilege of mothering children that I did not birth. This is a gift.

As a daughter, no matter how old or mature I become, I prayed that I would be mothered by godly women who could model the high calling of womanhood, especially when it isn’t easy. My prayers have been answered in ways unimaginable. This is a gift.

I come to the cemetery to be reminded that life is a gift, no matter the circumstances and the struggle, life is worth it to be well lived. That we all have gifts to be shared with this world. That no one is promised tomorrow, so today is worthy to be lived and to express love to one another unconditionally and relentlessly.

We sang this song to our precious baby boy as a lullaby at night and then lastly at his resting place.

Mommy and Daddy - We Love You, it’s true
A treasure from Heaven - God blessed us with you
Our newborn son - a life just begun
You’ll live to hear God say - “Well Done”

You’ll notice the inscription on his grave marker - He Lived to Hear God Say “Well Done"

We celebrate you today Christopher Jordan Johnson!
December 15, 2014 - April 10, 2015

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