Program Enrollment for our 2019/2020 is at capacity, and we are not accepting mothers at this time.

Enrollment for our new Fiscal Year will open August 2019.

If you have questions about other resources, please email: or go to for additional support partners.



We can serve you if:


01. You are a mom who birthed a child

02. The age of your child was over 20 weeks gestation and up to 2 years of age and then died

03. The loss of your child happened within the last 60 days

04. You have a willingness to go through entire The Finley Project program

05. You have a willingness to complete an initial survey and a survey at 6 months

The Finley Project provides services directly to a mother and requires that the mother is both willing to participate and acknowledges her permission to participate on the completed application. This requirement is vital to the program’s success.

A friend or family member may assist a mother in completing an application but cannot submit an application on behalf of a mother or receive any services on behalf of a mother.

If you feel you do not qualify, The Finley Project will do the best they can to assist you in finding appropriate resources.

Additional information will be provided when enrollment opens for the next fiscal year.